2020 Hooplife celebrated lunar new year with Asian American expo

  • September 20, 2023
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2020 Hooplife celebrated lunar new year with Asian American expo

Heart-warming gathering at Christmas, HOOP praises the future

On December 18, 2022, the US version of Mead Johnson and Hoop jointly held the “ Eastern Customer Christmas Appreciation Party “ in Flushing, New York, and all representatives of the eastern cross-border customers were present.

Our heavyweight guests—Pankaj, the general manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition (Hong Kong and cross-border business) from Hong Kong, Hydro, the cross-border director of Mead Johnson Hong Kong, and Qian, our North American cross-border sales director of Mead Johnson based in New York.

During the on-site communication, I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and unwavering support in the difficult winter of 2022. At the same time, I also brought you the vision of co-construction of cross-border business in 2023. Development has high hopes.

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In this event, we invited four outstanding cross-border business representatives in the New York area. They shared their heart-warming stories of their struggle with Mead Johnson and Hoop over the years, and discussed various problems encountered in cross-border business. I have selflessly shared my many years of cross-border experience and suggestions with you. It is full of dry goods and warm and touching. Every guest present is deeply touched and has gained a lot.

In the free exchange and interaction session, everyone spoke freely, and from various perspectives such as community, brand, cross-border, live broadcast, and distribution, they collided with many sparks of thought, full of strength for business advancement in 2023.

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The Mead Johnson brand also brought surprises to HOOP in this event!

Through unremitting efforts over the past year, HOOP has won three Mead Johnson awards in 2022!

Mead Johnson cross-border US version 2022

  • Best partner
  • Best Service Provider Award
  • Best Community Operation Award

Positive Hooplife Corp

On behalf of HOOP, June, CEO of HOOP, also thanked the brand for its recognition. Based on trust, we can move forward without any worries. To a certain extent, we are one, so that the business can be promoted with half the effort.

In the new year, we will professionalize and systematize our brand management services and cross-border distribution business. Let us work together to reap good results.

At the end of the event, of course, there was an exciting lottery draw, in which three lucky friends were selected by guests from the brand.

Of course, we also prepared exquisite souvenirs for every friend present, customized gifts from Mead Johnson. In this cold winter day, we will bring you exclusive greetings and let everyone feel the humanistic care of the Mead Johnson brand as always. ——Stay with your heart, you are unique.

2022 is destined to be a difficult year. In the face of the global epidemic situation, turbulent situation, shortage of goods in the supply chain, and exchange rate fluctuations, we are facing unprecedented difficulties. With the support and trust of the brand and distributors as always, HOOP will be even more Resolutely go forward and face difficulties…

2022 is coming to an end, and we have survived another cold winter. We firmly believe that hope is in front of us, and everything will be good. As long as we continue to work hard for the same goal, build a cross-border ecology together, and praise the future has come!

Winter is over, can spring be far behind?

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